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Top 5 Ways to Care for Leather


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Top 5 Ways to Care for Leather

There are many secrets to taking care of leather, though only a few are proven to make sure your leather products last as long as you do.  There are two main groups of thought when it comes to how to best care for your leather.  One group believes that leather should always be kept looking brand new and without any wear.  The second group believes that leather should be affected positively by your lifestyle and with care, your leather will reflect not only the love and time you’ve put into it, but will be unique to you and your experiences.  Below are ways to care for your leather that supports positive lifestyle-type wear, but also makes sure your leather isn’t destroyed before its time.

  1. Dry it carefully – If your leather ever gets wet in any way—from a spill or from the rain, dry it slowly and carefully. Water will warp the leather, but only if it’s left there.  The other risk is drying the leather too quickly and, in turn, changing the chemical composition of the leather so that it becomes brittle and hard. 

  2. Keep it moist – While too much water is a bad thing, too little moisture is also just as damaging. Dry leather runs the risk of cracking and flaking.  The best thing to do is make sure that you regularly rub lotions and oils made especially for leather on your products to ensure they say moist and flexible. 

  3. Clean it with water – If there’s any dirt or sticky liquids that might get on your leather, don’t use soap or other chemical-based cleaners. Instead, moisten a rag or paper towel and gently wipe your leather until it’s clean.  Chemicals from cleaners, including soaps, can change the color of your leather or damage the surface irreparably, even if you use only a little bit. 

  4. Stretching is forever – This is very important to keep in mind because once you stretch your leather, there’s no returning to its original size. This is more important for items that we use to carry things, such as wallets and bags.  The only way to make sure you don’t stretch your leather items is to keep in mind how much weight you’re putting in it and being careful not to overstuff it. 

  5. Leather still needs to breathe – One of the biggest reasons leather is destroyed is because people wrap it in plastic thinking they’re adding an extra layer of protection to their product. The problem here is that the plastic doesn’t allow air flow to reach your leather, and thus causes a wide variety of problems such as drying out the leather or causing moisture to accumulate, which allows mold to grow.  If you’re worried about damaging your leather, think about the kind of lifestyle you’re exposing your leather too instead of using a protective cover to try to shield your leather from harm. 

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