Less than Perfect

All of our products are handcraft with love and care. We will go through stringent quality check before we sell our products.

We have inventory that didn't come out quite perfect, which happens to handmade product. For example, wrong pull tab colour, slight tear at inner lining cloth and etc. We are selling these  product at a huge discount of 50% OFF. All these products are FULLY functional. Most imperfection happen inside the wallets which are usually unnoticeable from the outside.

We regret that we are not able to provide any warranty or exchange to these products but we are still providing Free international shipping.

For customers that are keen in purchasing our "Less than Prefect" products. Please send us an email, with the details below.

  • Name
  • Products you are keen in taking a look (Bi-fold or Card Sleeve) & the Colour.

Our sales person will get back to you with detailed pictures showing where the imperfection is before you decide to make a purchase.

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