About us


Vision Statement 
We’re working to bring people together with a new way of carrying their cards and currency.  We believe in wholesome products that honor people, and the environment without compromising on style, function, or quality.

Mission Statement 
Our goal is to make a wallet that will withstand the test of time while taking into account all the things you need to carry during the day, and ensuring that it remains slim, convenient and attractive. 

Our Wallet
Our minimalistic style wallet combines all the things a perfect wallet should: top skill craftsmanship, the highest quality of leather made from vegetable tanning, with a guarantee that your financial and personal information is kept private and secure with our RFID protection.

Our logo 
The word "Makketh" originates from the bible (certain bible translations), which mean make. We decided to pull the word from the text because naturally tanned leather was widely used in biblical times. We want to rediscover and promote this ancient method of tanning leather, and make it easily accessible for all people.

All our products are handcrafted (make) with leather that is natural vegetable tanned by experienced and skilled crafters. 

"Created by Nature, Prefect by Makketh"

ACRA Registered
UEN: 53344786X